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How to create a VERSIONINFO-file?
If you have Easysign V6 or later and you are able to start EasySign then you can start the versioninfo from the EasySIGN menu.
It is located at: Help->VersionInfo.
Otherwise you have to start the versionInfo as follows:
Click the Windows Start button.
  • Select "All Programs".
    Select "EasySIGN VX" (where "X" is your version).
    Select "Tools".
    Select "Versioninfo"
    The following dialog will open:
Wait a few seconds until all the information is loaded, the dialog will then look like below:
 Click on the button "Print". This will open a notepad with the necessary information.
Save the content of notepad as "VERSIONINFO.txt". Make sure you use a location that you can easily find for example your desktop.
If you have a more recent versioninfo you might see the following sequence of dialogs:
versioninfo 1a
Versioninfo 2a
Click on Save. A dialog will to save the file. After the file has been saved, an explorer-window will open with the saved file selected.
Preferable first zip the versioninfo file. It is a rather large text file and if you first zip this file you won't have to wait that long while uploading. The browse dialog for selecting a file to upload will accept .TXT and .ZIP files.



Last edit : Thursday, February 21, 2013