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The standard location is C:\ProgramData\MasonART\Shared\Archive).


In case the Archive folder is not located there you can use the archive locater (“”) as attached to this FAQ. Just run this file and select the Archive folder you would like to copy:



Open Archive Folder


The Customer DBase is a plain text file called "ARCHIVE.CDB", located inside the Archive folder.

Fresh EasySIGN SP 5.0.6 and newer installations:
The ArchiveFolder is stored inside the shared User Account.
The exact location can only be determined by executing a ‘Windows Explorer’ search for ARCHIVE.CDB.
Microsoft changes this location with each new OS.

Fresh EasySIGN SP 5.0.5 and older installations: The ArchiveFolder is stored inside “C:\Program Files\EasySIGN\Shared”.
If you cannot find it there search for it with the ‘Windows Explorer’.

Never edit this file manually, some of the data is binary encoded.



Last edit : Friday, February 14, 2014