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Software version : 2018.3 (24.0)
Release date : 11 July 2018
Build date : 1 July 2018



  • Improved: Storage location of EasySave backup files.

    Default storage location "C:\" of both EasySave as well as multi-threaded save (BETA) are automatically adjusted to the default temporary userpath when lacking permission to write to the root of the system disk "C:\" for example on a Windows 10 operating system.


    As soon as the user selects a different EasySave path, then the outcome of an additional writing test determines whether or not the selected EasySave path is accepted.

  • Improved: Calculation process of weedborder has been further improved. Pelkader

    Calculation of weedborders has been further improved by taking into account only those objects which are to be integrated in the weedborder. Calculation process is no longer disturbed by a line which is not intended to become part of the weedborder.

  • New: Compatibility with CorelDraw 2018 and Corel Photo-Paint 2018
    CorelDRAW 2018

    Compatibililty with the latest versions of Corel’s graphical design suite is added to EasySIGN.

  • Improved: Banner & Poster Nieuw: Banner & Poster

    Unintended interaction between Banner & Poster and copy-paste functions no longer exists.

  • New: Worksheet added as PDF Fit to page e-mail attachement.
    PDF Fit to page

    Design on worksheet scales to active page format, while preserving contents of dimensionlines, and, scaled result obtained is added as PDF attachement to e-mail. So relative large designs or selected parts of these designs are communicated correcty to for example more handy A4 or A3 exchange formats.

  • Improved: Windows Print.
    Windows Print

    Windows Print function handles more transparancies correctly.

  • Improved: PDF export of transparancies.
    PDF export transparanties

    During PDF export of transparencies the stack is being handled more carefully to prevent memory problems.

  • New: Summa OPOS-XY2.
    Summa OPOS-XY2

    OPOS-system Summa OPOS-XY2 added.

  • Improved: Smart DPI detection during PNG import.
    PNG import

    Automatic detection of PNG DPI resolutions has been further improved.

  • New: Import of EasySIGN PDF-exportfiles by Zund.

    Current investigation shows that Zund software is capable of correctly importing linearized EasySIGN PDF-exportfiles:


    PDF export optie Linearization must be activated!

  • Improved: JPG import.
    JPG import filter

    Unicode version of the JPG import filter has been further improved.

  • New: Warning advanced AI import filter.

    Too large 1:1 Adobe Illustrator artboards, stored in PDF-compliant AI-format, trigger a new corresponding warning, set on the preview area:

    Geavanceerde AI import 1

    Not because of a shortcoming in EasySIGN, but due to a restriction dictated by Adobe Systems especially when using relative high AI versions of the Adobe Illustrator Artwork (AI) propriety file format.

    Geavanceerde AI import 2

    Both AI version 8.0 as well as the EPS format are allowed to contain larger drawing areas.

  • Improved: Block nesting.

    Block nesting function closes properly after activation:

    Block nesting

    A proper close prevents additional problems later in time.

  • Improved: Dot Net Framework test.
    Summa OPOS-XY2

    Improvement of detection of required .Net Framework.