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Software version : 2018.2 (23.0)
Release date : 27 March 2018
Build date : 1 March 2018



  • New: Added support for Summa ColorControl

    - Summa ColorControl Durachrome
    - Summa ColorControl DC2
    - Summa ColorControl DC3
    - Summa ColorControl DC4
    - Summa ColorControl DC4sx
    - Summa ColorControl DC5

    TPR Summa ColorControl
  • Improved: Export Special lines

    In addition to P&C-lines it is now also possible to export CutThough-lines, Pounce-lines and Creasing-lines.

  • New: Plottable OPS

    It is now possible to cut the Optical Positioning System if desired.

    Plottable OPS
  • New: Added GCC cutter

    Jaguar V 160 PPF

  • New: Added vinyl colour library

    - DuraChromeSwatches

    colour libraries
  • New: Match OPS to selection

    Select the objects that represent the corners of the Optical Positioning System. With "Match OPS to selection" you can select an OPS that should be matched to this selection. If a correct match is possible then this OPS is set to the document.

  • Improved: Import\Export

    Several improvements have been made to import and export.

  • Improved: Insert symbol dialog

    Several improvements have been made to the dialog used for inserting text-symbols.

  • Improved: Compatibility Photoshop CC2018

    Transparent background that is present in Adobe Photoshop is imported into your EasySIGN worksheet as a transparent bitmap (with alpha channel).
    Of course, it also applies the other way around. Free-standing images from EasySIGN are 1-on1 exported to Adobe Photoshop.

  • Improved: Compatibility Illustrator CC2018

    Blendmode-based colors keep their colors while communicated in AI exchange format from Adobe Illustrator CC2018 to Easysign.


  • New: Multi threaded save (BETA).

    Storage of worksheets with Multi Threaded Save makes it possible to keep on working in EasySIGN while worksheets are saved. Storage process runs in the background. During storage you are allowed to switch between and work on several simultaneously opened worksheets.

  • Improved: Other improvements.

    Improved rendering on HiDPI (Retina) displays.

    Improved Font Detection.

    Better functionality of Blocknesting.

    More Glyphs (Insert Symbols) available with, among other things, ligatures, ornamental letters, ornaments, ordinal numbers (up to max. 65,536 characters per font!).

    If a PDF file with layers is opened, the layers will be layers. If you import a PDF file, the layers will be imported as groupsopened worksheets.