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Software version : 2017.3 (21.1)
Release date : 25 July 2017
Build date : 1 July 2017



  • New: Copy and paste design files

    Copy and paste PDF files using the clipboard. You can now directly copy worksheets from, for example, Adobe Illustrator, and then paste into EasySIGN to further process. Note: This functionality is only available in the EasySIGN Master subscription licenses.

    PDF kopieren plakken
  • New: Compatibility with CorelDRAW 2017 and Corel Photopaint 2017

    Compatibility with the latest versions of Corel's graphic design software has been added to EasySIGN.

    Coreldraw 2017
  • New: Optimization of OPOS systems

    When placing an optical positioning system, for the continuous plot of print & cut jobs, the minimum dimensions are automatically taken into consideration for the selection (unique by type of OPOS system).

    OPOS op selectie
  • New: Avoid double cutting

    Double objects during plotting can now be automatically detected and skipped. When sending files to the plotter, EasySIGN checks if duplicate objects are present. When an object occurs multiple times in exactly the same position, it will not be cut multiple times. This prevents damage to the plot media backing, plotter and waste due to media loss.

    Plotten optimalisatie
  • New: Drivers for Roland GR 420, GR 540 and GR 640

    An optimized driver for the Roland GR plotter series has been added in the EasySIGN software.

    Roland GR serie
  • Improved: Production lines for Summa F-series

    Color tables with production line styles for the Summa F-series flatbed tables have been added. Change your line with a click in a production line by changing the line color to a production line color. The Summa software automatically fits the correct tool and operation on the machine.

    Kleuren tabel
  • Improved: PDF export

    Retaining supported transparency is an important aspect in exporting high quality PDF files. PDF export of groups with and without uniform transparency is a very profound and technically complex development that is of great importance for customers. Also, PDF export transparency is supported in a group in a mask from this version 21.0.

    PDF export
  • Improved: Scan

    Instantly from EasySIGN, scanning has been enhanced for 32-bit Twain and 64-bit Twain and WIA-1.

    twain WIA-1