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Software version : 2019.1 (25.0)
Release date : 5 December 2018
Build date : 1 November 2018



  • New: Cosign X500/A300/Entry - Origine from bed.

    New driver created for these machines. The height is now calculated from the bed of the machine instead of the top of the material.

  • New: Mimaki CF22-1225.

    Mimaki offers a new flatbed plotter. The CF22-1225. We have written a driver for EasySIGN, so you can plot directly from EasySIGN to this machine.

    Mimaki CF22-1225
  • Improved: Wild TA410.

    We have adjusted the Wild TA410 driver, now you will be able to start working with your Wild table immediately after installation.

  • Improved:Color-dialog.

    When changing color space, the original color, as it was when opening the dialog, will be used as the starting point of the change. If you choose to use the original color space, it will now be displayed correctly without any deviation.

  • Improved: Banner en Poster functionality.

    It turned out that sometimes a white line appeared in the banner design. We have found the cause and solved it.

  • Improved: Routing.

    Improvement of the Tool assignment dialog. The numbering of the tools as indicated in the available tool library in EasySIGN is used. Now it is clearer which tool you will use on your mill table.

    Tool assignment
  • Improved: Drag-tool.

    Drag and copy could already be done with the right mouse button. You can now also use the shift key to do this (especially added for the iOS users).

  • New: Masks to groups.

    Some software applications introduce a multitude of non-functional masks during file export. After import in EasySIGN, these masks can be automatically converted to groups. This allows you to process the file immediately.

  • Improved: HiDPI support.

    We have improved a few things, especially for the increasing number of users of the HiDPi (Retina) screens.
    - The images of the buttons are clearer.
    - The last selected color in your color bar is now better visible.
    - Display of small details is sharper.

  • Improved: PDF Export Fit-to-Page.

    A "Fit-To-Page" menu has been added when sending EasySIGN worksheets as a PDF attachment. This allows you to specify the preferred page format to which your worksheet as PDF attachment will be added in an email. This email is created directly from your EasySIGN software and can be sent to your customer for approval.

    Fit to page
  • New: Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.

    EasySIGN compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 is available. The new version of Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 is causing issues which results that compatibility with EasySIGN does not work yet. We are awaiting for some corrections to be made by Adobe. We recommend that you manually save files created with Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 as .AI or .PDF format and then import these files manually into EasySIGN.

  • Improved: CorelDRAW.

    When opening PDF files (that have been created in CorelDRAW) in EasySIGN, the invisible layer is treated as an invisible layer and can be switched on or off within EasySIGN. This is an improvement of importing layered PDF files (from CorelDRAW) into EasySIGN. Note: When importing CorelDRAW PDF files, non-visible layers are automatically deleted.

  • Improved: PDF Import.

    Invisible layers can now be made visible per layer after import of a PDF file. Import of spot colors has been improved. More spot colors can be imported as vector data.

  • Improved: Preview of linked ES-files.

    Linked EasySIGN files are displayed as transparent bitmaps on the worksheet. Now you can see exactly what is present within the design under the linked worksheet.