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Software version : 2018.1 (22.1)
Release date : 30 November 2017
Build date : 1 November 2017



  • New: Additional vectorisation method

    EasySIGN now includes a brand new method for vectorisation. This additional method preserves more details when applied to images with a low resolution and monochrome bitmaps. Although higher quality images usually lead to better results, more often than not the source image is just not adequate.

    This new method might be the solution you are looking for when you are stuck with low quality images and the default vectorisation tool does not hit the mark. It supports RGB, CMYK, 256-colors, monochrome and greyscale bitmaps.

  • New: Added support for Creative Cloud 2018

    EasySIGN is now compatible with Adobe’s latest version of Creative Cloud.

    It now supports Compatibilty for:
    - Photoshop CC 2018 (19.0)
    - Illustrator CC 2018 (22.0).

  • New: Summa OPOS barcode on top of the design

    It is now possible to print the Summa OPOS barcode on top of the design. This ensures that the media no longer needs to be transferred to another roll before cutting the print.

  • New: 11 new GCC cutters

    iCraft AR-24
    Expert II 24LX 52LX
    Jaguar V 61 101 132
    Puma IV 60 132
    Expert II 24 52.

  • New: vinyl colour libraries

    - Avery 777 Cast Films
    - Hexis HFlex 100P
    - Hexis Luxtac
    - Hexis Skintac HX20000 / HX30000
    - Hexis Ecotac Plus E3000+
    - Hexis Suptac S5000
    - Hexis Specialties
    - Metamark T series
    - Metamark XE Series Matt / Gloss
    - Metamark 7 Series.

    colour libraries
  • New: Smart ICC-profile detection

    Any included ICC-profiles are now automatically detected when a file is opened or imported in the EasySIGN software. Those ICC-profiles will be available for use within the EasySIGN software for optimal colour accuracy. Also, those profiles will be included in the EasySIGN worksheet when it is saved.

  • Improved: Saving worksheets

    Accelerated Storage of EasySIGN worksheets with large bitmaps. Saving bitmaps in an EasySIGN worksheet has been replaced by a faster lossless compression.

  • Improved: Import\Export

    Improved import and export of spot colors.