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Software version : 2017.2 (20.1)
Release date : 04 May 2017
Build date : 1 April 2017



  • Improved: Smart JPG import filter

    The jpg import filter recognizes automatically in case another bitmap filter format is more suited for importing the bitmap into EasySIGN. This filter will be automatically selected when importing the bitmap

    Smart jpg import filter
  • Improved: Display modes for HiDPI screens

    Adjustments to the Rulers, Colorpicker and Fontcombo have been made to improve the readability of menus and dialog boxes on HiDPI monitors. The improvements add up to the overall experience for users with a 4K display or similar.

    HiDPI improvements
  • Improved: PDF import filter

    The PDF import filter has been updated. So now even more PDF files can be imported seamlessly into EasySIGN.

    PDF import filter
  • New: Handling of ICC profiles

    EasySIGN recognizes when a file contains embedded ICC profiles. These ICC profiles can be used within EasySIGN. Additionally EasySIGN can embed ICC profiles when saving the worksheet or exporting the worksheet to another file format.

    PDF with ICC-profiles
  • New: Layer support when opening PDF files

    In case a PDF file is not imported but opened within EasySIGN, the available layers within the PDF file will be added automatically within the EasySIGN worksheet.

    Support layers in PDF
  • New: Driver for Summa FX series

    EasySIGN offers an optimized driver for the SummaCut D60FX and D140FX cutters.

    Summa FX cutters
  • New: Support for Summa Cutter Control version 5

    Now send files directly from EasySIGN to the Summa Cutter Control version 5 software.

    Summa cutter control 5
  • New: 'Backup current state' button

    Save files and settings as recommended within the back-up advice with one single click.

    Backup current state
  • New: Support for cutting with Roland TrueVIS VG-640 and VG-540

    Send plot files immediately from EasySIGN to your Roland TrueVIS Print and Cut device.

    Roland TrueVIS plot support
  • Improved: Multiple kerning tables

    Create your own kerning tables. Kerning is, different from the font, setting of the blank space between characters. Now, with EasySIGN you create and save multiple kerning settings for the same font. This can be useful to entering and spacing texts for customers with specific requirements. You can also create and apply separate kerning tables for various materials.

    Kerning tables
  • Improved: Transformation assistent

    The functionality of the Transformation Assistant is extended. This makes it easier for example to widen an object 14.5 units. You do not need a calculator, you just enter a calculation in the control. So you can specify something like (100 + 1.5) / (10-3), the Transformation Assistant will calculate the value and process the scaling accordingly.

    Transformation assistent
  • New: Copy and Paste Layers

    A selected layer can now be copied and pasted entirely to other worksheets. You do this by selecting the layer in the Object Manager, and clicking on the layer name with the right mouse button. Choose ‘copy layer’ in the context-menu. Select the worksheet where you want the layer to be copied to. Then from the ‘Edit’ menu choose ‘Paste Special’-> ‘Paste Layer’. After that you will have the layer with content on the new worksheet.

    Another new option is to paste copied objects (on the same or divided over several layers) using Paste Special, Paste Layers in another worksheet. The objects are then pasted with retention of the layer. If the layer does not yet exist it is automatically created for you in the new worksheet.