Cutting with barcodes

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    René Hummel


    Hoe kan ik snijden op barcode?

    1 printen in versaworks

    2 folie invoeren in de summa

    3 mesje onder barcode zetten

    4 ??? hier houd het op, hoe stuur ik het snijden door vanuit EasySIGN?


    Before you can use the workflow some things need to be specified. You need to know which barcode system you want to use and where the hotfolder of the Summa Cutter Control software is located. The output port of your Summa cutter within the EasySIGN plotter driver needs to be set to the “SummaCutterControl” to be able to transfer the files to the Summa Cutter Control software. Also check which version of the Roland Versaworks software you have in order to select the correct TPR connection.

    The workflow has the following steps:

    1. Create your design in EasySIGN
    2. Set the Cropmarks for the Summa Barcode (Menu View > Settings > Cropmarks)
    3. Print the worksheet with Roland Versaworks (simply select the TPR connection with Roland Versaworks under the “yellow button” as available with the “Standard toolbar”
    4. Cut the EasySIGN worksheet by plotting the file to the Summa Cutserver software from EasySIGN.
    5. Place the printed sheet (included artwork and barcode cropmarks) on your Summa plotter when it is finished printing.
    6. Send the barcoded plotfile to your plotter from the Summa Cutter Control software.

    Have an easy day!

    Wilbert at EasySIGN

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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