White square around transparent image?

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    Steve Diver

    I have a file question.
    There is a site that i use for producing logos that i print onto 
    substrates such as garments.
    You can download them as PNG files for DTG printing.
    I always put a tranparency around them so i can upload them onto mock up 
    garments like the blue hoodie i have included as an example.
    But when i import the file into easysign and send it to my digital 
    transfer printer which is another way of printing dark/coloured shirts, 
    its a white ink Oki A3 printer.
    It puts white ink behind the image, you heat press a b page which is a 
    glue which is activated when you heat press it.
    The Forever Rip for the oki prints them fine but they come out small as 
    there is a huge transparent margin around the image and i cant resize it 
    in that rip.
    But i can print to the oki direct from easysign.
    Its great with eps files.
    ut when i import one of these files into easy sign, and i print it on 
    the oki, it prints a great big white square around the image.
    Please can you explain to me why and what i need to do to iether stop it 
    or get rid of it please
    Steve Diver


    Hi Steve,

    You can use the transparacy of the PNG file as a mask for the bitmap. The steps are as follows:

    1. Import the PNG file into EasySIGN

    2. Select the PNG file and convert the tranparency to mask (menu: Bitmap > Transparency > To Mask)

    The transparency is now masked around the bitmap shape instead of the square shape.

    Have an easy day!

    Wilbert at EasySIGN

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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