The Blend effect makes it really easy to transform from one shape, color or size into another.

Blend effect

Effects > Blend

Change the blend by clicking on the properties button in the object manager.


A pair is a set of objects that create the blend. Choose the Pair number to apply the settings.

Number of steps

Set the Number of steps between a blend pair. More steps will create more objects in a blend pair.


Set the blend to Circular from Bottom to top, from Top to bottom for the inverse stacking order or choose Non Circular.


Set to Equal space for same space between objects or to Equal distances centers for same space from the centre of the objects.

Fill style and pen style

Set the behaviour of the fill style and pen style of the generated objects in the Center object and Others boxes. Choose for Closest object, End object, Start object or Non-Autofit.

Relative start node

Choose manually the object in a blend pair to start the blend from.

All objects

Set Rotation direction of the blend objects to clockwise or counter clockwise.