Add a dimension to your design with the realistic shadow effects in EasySIGN.

Create Shadow

Effects > Shadow
Choose a shadow effect and set the type. Each type can be applied in the available shadow effects.

Shadow effects
Perspective Shadow is placed in perpective view
Block Shadow is placed behind the object
Drop Shadow drops behind the object
Cast Shadow falls down from the object
Shadow types

The types can be chosen for each shadow effect.

Normal The shadow continues behind the object
Stamp with overlap The shadow continues partly behind the object
Stamp Additional white space is added between the object and shadow
Outline original An extra outline is added around the object
Outline result An extra outline is added around the shadow result
Adjust shadow

Change the shadow with the Drag tool or alter the values in the Properties menu where you modify all settings of the shadow and choose your required shadow type.

Soft Drop Shadow

Effects > Shadow > Soft Drop Shadow...
Create transparent shadows with soft edges for a smooth shadow design. Just enter the shadow Offset values, Transparency percentage, Color and Resolution. More...