Looking for a way to get the most out of your colored materials? In EasySIGN, you can easily process your design separated by color!

Create a production-ready design with multiple vinyl colors

Many designs (such as road signs or window lettering) contain various vinyl colors. A very basic example is a design with 3 colors: a yellow circle, an orange square, and a red square.

To produce this design with 3 separate vinyl colors we first check the cutting lines. This can be seen by moving to the wire-frame mode. The various display modes can be found in the standard toolbar on top of your EasySIGN software.

In wireframe mode it is visible that the circle and squares overlap. When you plot this design without making adjustments, the output result will have multiple layers of vinyl stacked on top each other. To prevent this you can apply the feature “Optimize for application” from Edit > Optimize for application..

By choosing an overlap, the design will be less sensitive to "chinks" in the produced end result. After all, vinyl shrinks when it is cold and expands at higher temperatures. Or in case you are using a light box with vinyl colors, the overlaps will be black when illuminated.
In the above menu we indicated an overlap of 4 mm. Just click Apply to activate the optimization.
The design still looks the same in the standard screen display:

In wire-frame view mode you can immediately see that the overlaps have been reduced to 4mm.

To easily align this design in the right position after cutting, you can add positioning cropmarks. For this design we place 4 cropmarks to be able to align it in position. In this case the alignment cropmarks are placed manually with the cropmark tool as available within the EasySIGN Toolbox.

The alignment cropmarks are added to the design:

Read more about positioning in Tips & Tricks for cropmarks and alignment.

There are various ways to produce this design, we'll focus on:
1. Cut by color separation from the plot menu
2. Split your design to color separated worksheets

1. Cut by color separation from the plot menu

You can immediately plot a design as color separated by pressing the plot button on top of your EasySIGN worksheet.

This will open the Plotting-menu where you can select the option By Color to choose the color you want to cut.

Hold job in production manager is enabled to check the separated jobs before sending them to the cutting plotter.
Choose for By Color to select the vinyl color you will be cutting.

Select a color and press Plot to send the file to the Plot spooler. After this, you can easily repeat the process for another color.
To check the output files you can open the EasySIGN Production Manager. You will see 3 plotfiles, a separate file for each color. Each file is named and marked by the color, so you can easily see which vinyl need to be placed within the cutting plotter before sending the plot job to the cutter.

The colors as well as the cropmarks are visible within the production manager, so you can check all parts of the plotfile before sending the job to your plotter.

2. Split your design to color separated worksheets NEW

When you split your design to separated worksheets, you'll create separate worksheets for each vinyl color, which are linked to each other. This can be a very handy option when you need to reproduce the entire output file or just parts of your design.

Easily create multiple worksheets from one design with the split worksheet feature from File > Worksheet > Separate > By color...:

Select all colors that needs to be separated and tick the box Link result(s) to current worksheet together with Open resulting worksheets and press OK to create the linked worksheets. All worksheets are linked to the original design.

The following linked separated worksheets have been created:

The alignment cropmarks are placed automatically on the linked separated worksheets.

After separation, apply our easy Nesting tools to use your material as efficiently as possible.