EasySIGN outlines on shiny car tuning sticker

With the versatile outlines function you can create the desired contour lines for your design and every selected shape in your worksheet, directly tailored to your production application.

Outline type

Effects > Outlines...
Choose the Outline type from a range of commonly used outline varieties like outline, double outline, outline square, outline circle, inline or double inline. Apply the settings to create the selected outline.

Customize settings

With the Extra data you can set the Distance of the outline, set the Outer distance when applying double outlines and the Number of lines. Add Extra options to Weld results, Hide original design, Pre Weld in case of multiple outlines on text, Inlined or Connect shapes in case the outline is applied on multiple shapes.

Outline colors and line properties

Set the Fill and Pen colors of the outline and adjust the Corner shape of the outline or change the Line caps of the outline.

Add Production outline

Choose for outline type sticker contour or rubber band for adding a contourshape suited for production of stickers.
Change the outline to the required production line style under the Cutter-tool.

Expand penstyle

Make your design suited for cutting and change a line width into an outline. Convert a line width into an outline with the Expand stroke... or Expand Penstyle features.