Activating EasySIGN

Let's make things easy! All new and renewed subscription licenses are automatically assigned to your online EasySIGN account. With this account, you can easily sign in to the EasySIGN software and just start working on your amazing projects. (more…)

Separate worksheets

Looking for a way to get the most out of your colored materials? Easily create multiple worksheets from one design with the brand new  File > Worksheet > Separate > By color... (more…)

Easily create backsides

EasySIGN offers a workflow for creating a design with front and backside. First design your front, then use File > Worksheet > Create backside....

Duplicate worksheets

There are various ways to duplicate a worksheet. You could just save it as another file, copy all objects and paste them in another worksheet, or use the brand new  File > Worksheet > Duplicate...

True Shape Nesting

Reducing material waste is one of the best options to save on material, time, and thus money. For a long time, reducing waste has been possible with block nesting. However, this still leaves some space between objects. New in EasySIGN is True Shape Nesting (more…)